Why Hire a Pest Professional?

If you’re like many people, you want to do things on your own. If you have kids, you’ll see them often telling you adamantly that they want to do something “their way”. It doesn’t change much as we get older. However, this isn’t quite the right attitude when it comes to pest control.

Let’s use an example really quick that illustrates the point. We all have different talents, abilities, and knowledge. You wouldn’t think to take your car to get an oil change at the home of a concert pianist. Nor would you think to get a doctor to repair your phone. Now apply that to pest control.

Unless you have knowledge and training in the industry, you may even do more harm than good. We talk to tons of homeowners every year that have tried to fight the bugs and rodents themselves, and finally give up.

The first reason you should hire a pest professional is because they are the experts and have access to commercial products that aren’t readily available to the public. Additionally, they need to be stored in a certain way, not simply put on a shelf in your garage where pets and kids could get into them.

The other reason is one of convenience. It takes some serious time to dedicate to eradicating pests. Once the product reaches the end of its residual period, it needs to be reapplied or the pests may just come back.

The last one is all about safety. Not only do pest control products present certain hazards when used incorrectly, but there’s also the issue of the pests themselves. No one needs to tell you that there are some downright nasty critters here in australia, which can be found with a quick Google search.

The Huntsman Spider can grow to be the size of a dinner plate with its long legs. Watch this video as this man narrates his adventure with a Huntsman. Be sure to watch the whole thing!

Spend time with your family and loved ones, rather than spraying bugs on the weekend. We assume you are trained in a certain profession and are proud of what you do. So are we. Give us a call today to make sure that bugs and rodents don’t bother you anymore.

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