Why Are There So Many Termites Along the Sunshine Coast?

There’s no question that we have a lot of termites along the Sunshine Coast. Nearly 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termite damage, and CSIRO has ranked our area as “very high risk” on their termite hazard map. Why are there so many termites in this part of Australia, and what might attract termites to your house?

Termites like to live in warm climates where there is consistent high levels of humidity. The Sunshine Coast perfectly meets these requirements with its humid subtropical climate. Termites also have a special love for eucalyptus trees, which are prevalent all along the eastern coast. Australia provides such a good environment that there are over 300 species of termites on the continent. Luckily, only a few species cause trouble for homeowners. 

So, now you know why eastern Australia has trouble with termites, but what specific things might attract termites to your Sunshine Coast house? Like most pests, termites are looking for food, water, and shelter. If you readily supply them with these three things, you might be a prime target for termites.


Termites eat wood and other cellulose materials. Things like decaying tree stumps, lumber, firewood, newspaper, cardboard boxes, and untreated fence posts provide the perfect food sources. If you want to avoid termites, get rid of these sources by cleaning up your yard, decluttering around your home, and making sure that wood used for framing and fences is treated.


As mentioned above, most species of termites need humidity or moisture to thrive. You will attract termites if your home or property has excess moisture. This moisture may be from leaky pipes or faucets, poor landscaping, faulty gutters or downspouts, or similar problems. When wood or soil becomes wet and easy to tunnel and chew through, your likelihood of having a termite problem increases.


Termites live in different places, depending on the species. As suggested by the names, dampwood termites like to live in and eat wood that is decaying or moist, while drywood termites will live in and eat dry wood. Subterranean termites live in the ground near their food source and build mud tubes to their food. These tubes help them maintain the right level of humidity and keep them safe from predators. 

Termite Prevention

Termite control can be expensive, so prevention is extremely important. The following tips can help protect your home from termites.

  • Remove rotting tree stumps or any decaying wood from your yard
  • Store firewood as far away from the house as possible
  • Repair leaky pipes, faucets, roofs, soffits, gutters, etc.
  • Landscape to avoid water accumulating around your home
  • Regularly inspect foundations for mud tubes
  • Leave a gap of 30-45 cm between your home and surrounding soil
  • Consider termite monitoring, baiting, or a barrier
  • Get a yearly termite inspection

Sunshine Coast Pest Control

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