When Do You Need a Termite Inspection?

Termite inspections are extremely important in Australia, where approximately 1 in 3 homes will face a termite infestation. With over 350 species of termites and at least 30 that have gained pest status, Australian homeowners must constantly be on the lookout for potential problems. The following are some of the times when a termite inspection is highly recommended.


Termite control is so critical in Australia that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) says that all new homes should have a termite management plan in place. Also, the Australian Standard (AS3660) is to receive a termite inspection at least every 12 months. CSIRO says that inspections may even need to be done more often than this, depending on termite risk factors. Yearly inspections ensure that your home is monitored regularly. Termites set up new colonies and swarm to new locations, so there is no guarantee that your home will remain termite-free. A regular inspection will make sure that you catch the problem early and are able to resolve it quickly.

It is essential that these inspections are done even if you have physical or chemical barriers already in place. These barriers are not perfect and may fail in some situations. They can fail if they are applied incorrectly, if they have exceeded their lifespan, or if major events like flooding or excavation have disrupted them. While they are beneficial for prevention, you should not get complacent and forget to do regular inspections.

When Buying a Home

Any time you purchase a new home, you should have a termite inspection done by a fully qualified and insured specialist before the transaction is complete. These pre-purchase termite inspections protect you from the possibility that the home is unsafe or is going to require large amounts of money to fix. Termites are secretive and stay hidden away deep inside the home. It is very possible that you would not even know they were there unless you took the steps to hire a professional.

If You Notice Signs of Termites

Even if you have been very consistent with your yearly inspections, if you notice any signs of termite activity, you should contact your pest control specialist immediately. Termites can not destroy a home immediately, but the sooner you start a treatment plan, the easier and less costly it will be. Be on the lookout for these signs of termites:

  • Swarming termites (usually occur in spring and summer months)
  • Mud tubes
  • Wood Damage (hollow sounding wood, fragile baseboards, warped floors)
  • Moisture Damage (wet walls, curling wallpaper, swollen windows or doors)
  • Termite frass (excrement that looks like piles of ground black pepper)
  • Termite wings

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