What to Expect:

Spiders and Cockroaches 

After the Service…

Once you have recieved service from Radar Pest Control, it’s important to know what to expect from the products and the pests that were targeted. First of all, you should see a drastic reduction in the number of pests in and around your home the week following the service.

With cockroaches, you may see a few that seem slow and lethargic over the next couple weeks, which means the product is working. If you see a big cockroach after the service, it may have flown in from somewhere else, so don’t fret. If you need additional service, please let us know.

Ants should be completely gone inside, with overall numbers declining for 1-2 weeks afterward. There may be some outside due to the presence of other colonies in the area.

Spiders can be persistant and stick around a little longer. You see, in order for the product to work correctly, the insect has to walk over the product and get it on their bodies. Since some spiders walk up off the ground, they may not get as much product on them, so it may take a bit longer. If you’re still seeing a lot after 2 weeks pleas contact us.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to us and we’ll answer your questions and concerns. Thanks you!

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