What Foods Attract Rodents? 

Rats and mice are notorious for eating anything and everything. While they each have their own preferences, they will feast on whatever is available. Since food is one of the main things that will attract rodents to your home, knowing what types of things rats and mice especially like to eat can help you develop a plan of attack for preventing them.

Mice and rats are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Rats, in particular, are also scavengers that will happily eat anything they can find. Let’s take a deeper dive into the types of foods that rodents find most appealing.

Fruits and Berries: These sweet things are some of the most liked foods by rats and mice. Rodents in the wild will forage for them, but if you have fruit trees or berry bushes around your house, they may also come onto your property in search of them. To help prevent this, make sure that you clean up any fruits or berries that are over-ripe and have fallen on the ground. 

Grains and Seeds: Grains and seeds are also an extremely important part of a rodent’s diet. This is particularly important to know when it comes to storing food. Things like oats, rice, pasta, sunflower seeds, etc. need to be stored in thick plastic or glass containers that rodents will not be able to chew through.

Nuts: Nuts are a great protein source that provides animals with loads of energy. Peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are only a few of the many types of nuts they love. When trying to trap mice or rats, many homeowners take advantage of their love for nuts and use peanut butter as bait.

Meat: While both rats and mice will eat meat if hungry, mice tend to prefer plant materials, and rats are much more likely to eat meat. Rats love human scraps like fish, chicken, and red meat. They will also eat roadkill.

Rubbage and Sewage: Once again, rats are scavengers that will even feast on rubbage and sewage. Rotten food, animal products, compost, and even feces are all fair game for them. Knowing this fact makes it easy to see why rodents are responsible for spreading so many germs and diseases.

Pet Food: Another favorite treat of rats and mice is pet food. Leaving a pet’s food and water outside overnight is an open invitation for rodents to come have a meal at your place. It’s not only super convenient, but it is also consistent for them as well. To keep rodents away from your home and property, make sure that you do not leave pet food out overnight. Also remember to store the food in containers that can not be chewed through.

If rodents are causing problems for you, the experts at Radar Pest Control can help. Our trained technicians will inspect your home and work with you to create a plan that will work for your situation. For more information on Sunshine Coast Rodent Control, contact Radar Pest Control today.

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