What Do Rats Eat?

Rats are some of the worst housemates you could ask for, yet people throughout the Sunshine Coast regularly find themselves living with these unwanted pests. One of the main reasons that rats enter homes is in search of food. If you understand what they eat and why they are attracted to your home, you can be more effective in your rat control.



In the Wild

Rats in the wild tend to stick to a more vegetarian type diet than urban rats. They rely on fruits and vegetables that are in season, as well as plants, grains, nuts, and seeds. Since rats are omnivores, they may also eat small animals like birds, reptiles, fish, and insects.

In the City

Rats in urban environments are opportunistic and much more likely to eat whatever is available. They are more comfortable around humans and will eat human scrap food, garbage, and pet food. Other common foods that these rats will consume include: garden fruits and vegetables, meats, compost, sewage, oils, fats, and pretty much anything else they can find.

Rat Control

Knowing what rats eat can help with your rat control practices. Since rats are willing to eat almost anything, it becomes very important to keep all food and trash secured. Make sure that outdoor rubbish bins are closed and have tight-fitting lids. Rats also love to finish up the remains of pet food, so do not leave it out overnight, and do not store it in easy-to open or chew through bags. It is also important to clean up any fruits or vegetables from the garden that have fallen or are past their prime. 

Inside homes, you will want to ensure that all of your food is stored properly. Keep food in the refrigerator or in hard plastic, metal, or glass containers to keep out rodents and other household pests. You should also take out the rubbish regularly and try to keep dirty dishes out of the sink as much as possible. For more rat control tips, check out Rodent Exclusion Methods.

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