What Attracts Termites?

Despite your best efforts, some things you are doing around your yard may be attracting termites to your home. Once the termites are within close proximity, they can quickly move in and start causing destruction. Let’s take a quick look at three things you can change right now to decrease your risk of getting termites.

Remove Extra Wood

Termites rely on wood and cellulose materials for survival. It is their main food source, so having lots of wood around is very attracting to them. There are a couple of main places where extra wood can come into play in the yard: wood piles, rotting stumps, and untrimmed trees.

Wood Piles: If you keep wood on hand for fires, it is important to store it away from the foundation of the home. Experts recommend storing it at least 20 feet away from the house, and if possible, at least 5 inches off the ground. If any of the firewood is starting to decay, it should be disposed of.

Stumps and rotting trees: Termites prefer decaying wood, so if you have old tree stumps or branches in the yard that have been affected by moisture, these may become a target for termites and should be removed.

Untrimmed trees: Any trees that are close to the home may provide direct access to the roof and exterior if they are not carefully trimmed. Trim back the trees and make sure that there are no branches touching the home.



Fix Moisture Problems

Termites love moisture, so it is critical to eliminate excess moisture in your yard. This moisture can come from things like leaky faucets and pipes or from improper drainage. Find and fix these problems as soon as possible. To help prevent termites, make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clear and free of leaves, branches, and other debris. Do not overwater your lawn, and make sure that your sprinklers and irrigation systems are running properly. These moisture fixes won’t guarantee protection for your home, but they will help.

Use Mulch Wisely

Mulch can add lots of visual interest to the landscaping, but when it is placed against the foundation of homes, it can definitely be problematic in terms of termites. Wood mulch not only supplies termites with a source of food, but it also retains moisture in the soil, two things that termites love. If termites are living that close to your home, there is a high likelihood that they will find a way in. If you want to use mulch in your yard, make sure that it is placed at least 15 inches away from the foundation of the home.   

Termites are a huge problem along the Sunshine Coast. Approximately one in three homes will be affected by termites at some point, so help protect your home by following these simple guidelines. You should also keep up on your yearly inspections. Contact Radar Pest Control for all of your termite and pest control needs.

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