Top Signs of A Spider Infestation

As the temperatures cool down, spiders become more active, and you may start noticing more around your home. Spiders can be beneficial because they eat nuisance insects, but they can also be dangerous if you get bitten. Keeping them away from your home and business is an important part of your Sunshine Coast pest control plan. The following are the 3 top signs of an infestation.


Spiders often leave a calling card with their webs. One spider web does not indicate an infestation, but if you knock it down, and it is quickly rebuilt, you definitely have an active spider on your hands. If you start seeing many webs, you likely have a spider problem. Webs can be many different sizes and shapes, depending on the species that created it. Check for webs in dark, secluded areas around your home and garden. These places might include: window sills, basements, corners of walls, closets, storage areas, outdoor sheds, under furniture, and more. If you see large quantities of spider webs, get rid of them and call for a professional spider treatment.

It is also important to remember that not all spiders build webs. Some live in burrows and actively hunt their prey. So, even if you don’t see a lot of webs around, you might still have potentially dangerous spiders living close to your home and family. 


Egg Sacs

Spider egg sacs are another sign of an infestation, or at least an impending infestation. Each sac can hold up to 100 eggs, so it is important to get rid of spider egg sacs as quickly as possible. They can also come in many sizes, shapes, and even textures. Most look like small cotton balls because they are made out of silk just like the webs are. Spider egg sacs are often attached to the underside of surfaces like tables, counters, cabinets, boxes, or eaves. They may also be attached to the web itself, and some spiders carry their egg sacs with them. 


Live Spiders

The most obvious sign of a spider problem is seeing lots of live spiders. If you are seeing many spiders around your home, it is time to get help with spider control. Then again, it can be hard to see them because they don’t come out in the open very often. You may have to go looking in some of the hiding places mentioned above. If you notice you have a lot of flying insects like flies and mosquitoes around, you will likely also have spiders. You can lessen the attractiveness of your home to spiders and the insects they eat by turning off outdoor lights, keeping your home clean, and managing your clutter.

Spider Control on the Sunshine Coast

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