Tick Repelling Clothing

Ticks are common along the warm, eastern coast of Australia. There are around 75 known species in the country, and many of those will feed on humans and pets. Because ticks rely on blood to live, they can easily transmit many diseases from one animal or human to another. Tick-borne diseases like Queensland tick typhus and Flinders Island Spotted Fever can be dangerous and life-threatening, so tick prevention and control is essential. One method of tick prevention is permethrin-treated clothing. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.



Permethrin is one of the most commonly used insecticides to protect against ticks. Permethrin is made from parts of a chrysanthemum flower and has been shown to be safe for the environment and for human use. Soldiers and outdoorsmen often treat their clothing with permethrin to help avoid ticks while they are in tall grasses and bushlands. Using permethrin on clothing has been done for years in these situations, but has only recently been tried commercially. 

Permethrin-treated clothing is starting to become much more popular. This type of clothing protects against biting insects like midges, ants, flies, mozzies, and ticks. It is odorless, and the clothing can be washed over and over again (up to 70 washings) without losing its effectiveness. Many companies are now offering permethrin-treated clothing as an easy way for the average person to easily and effectively protect themselves when outdoors. 

Studies have shown that treated clothing does repel ticks, but they also show that permethrin is safe to have in close contact with skin. No evidence of problems has been found when used properly. These new companies may provide a valuable service to people looking to explore the bushlands without fear of picking up ticks along the way. 

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