The Difference Between Ants and Termites

Ants and termites are both annoying pests that cause problems throughout Australia, and especially along the Sunshine Coast. These two insects can look very similar in appearance. It is important to properly identify them since the method of treating them is very different. Most ants, although a nuisance, are fairly harmless. Termites, on the other hand, can cause major destruction to your home and may cost thousands of dollars to get rid of. Being able to tell the difference between ants and termites is an important first step in making sure that your home is protected.

Identifying Termites

Termites are usually under a ½ inch long (from 4-15 mm). They have straight antennae, a thick waist, and short legs. Termite alates, or winged reproductives, are the only termites that have wings. These young termites will swarm once or twice a year to find a mate and a new place to build a colony. After they have swarmed, they will twist off their wings because they no longer have a need for them. It is important to note that the two pair of wings on alates are nearly the same length. The color of termites can vary by species, but most alates are brown or black with clear, veined wings.

Identifying Ants

Flying ants look very similar to termite alates, with a few key differences. Ants have bent antennae and longer legs. The waist of an ant is pinched to create a visible distinction between its body segments, unlike the broad waist found on termites. Ants also have two pairs of wings, but the front wings are significantly larger that the hind ones. Ants also come in many different colors, including brown and black.

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