The Benefits of Bugs

Here at Radar Pest Control, we spend our time and energy helping people prevent and get rid of pesky bugs and rodents. From roaches to rats and silverfish to spiders, our technicians can take care of them all. But did you know that bugs are also pretty important! Although they don’t belong in our homes, there are definitely some great benefits of bugs.

Important Pollinators

Insects and other animals that help pollinate flowers, fruits, and other crops are essential for the  human population. With the recent decline in the bee population around the world, fears about the future of agriculture are also increasing. People and companies who understand the importance of pollinators try to perform pest control in a way that does the least amount of harm possible to them and the environment.


The Food Chain

Insects are food for many different types of animals including bats, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and more. Without this crucial link in the food chain, entire species of animals would be put in great danger. In some cultures, insects are also a source of protein for humans.


Useful Products

Some bugs produce products that are important for humans. For example, bees produce both honey and beeswax. Silk and shellac are just a couple of the other products that we use that are made by insects.


Aerate and Break Down the Soil

Insects are also important for the soil. They aerate by tunneling, creating burrows, and nesting in the ground. Turning the soil like this helps it retain water better and redistributes the nutrients. This will help to make it more fertile. Insects are also decomposers who break down leaf litter, wood, and other organic matter into soil. 

Eat Other Bugs

Lastly, some insects are very important because they help control the population of other more troublesome bugs. Ladybugs are famous for being a beneficial bug because they eat aphids that can decimate plants. Some farmers and gardeners will buy and release ladybugs into their plants to help them grow and avoid pests. 

Sunshine Coast Pest Control

Even though there are many important reasons to have bugs around, those have to be balanced with a family’s safety and comfort. There are definitely places to have bugs, but inside our homes is not one of them. The expert technicians at Radar Pest Control can help you get rid of the bugs and insects around your home, and do it in a way that protects the environment and those beneficial bugs. For pest control in Buderim or pest control in Nambour, contact us today.

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