The Anatomy of a Spider

Most people can probably tell you that spiders have eight legs, but they might not know much more about the anatomy of a spider. These fascinating animals have some similarities to other creatures, but there are some things that make them truly unique.

Unlike insects that have 3 body segments, spiders only have two. The head and thorax are fused together into what is known as a cephalothorax. The second body part is called the abdomen. A spider’s eight legs actually attach to the cephalothorax, rather than to the abdomen.

Spiders usually have many eyes, which can be quite creepy when viewed up close. These eyes feature a single lens, rather than the compound eyes that are associated with insects. Many species of spiders have six eyes, but some can have 8, 4, or even 2, depending on their needs. Spiders that hunt for their prey, like jumping spiders and wolf spiders, have excellent vision and see in color, while many other types of spiders have very poor vision and rely more on their extreme sensitivity to vibrations to get food.


Also located on the cephalothorax are the pedipalps. This pair of appendages is located in front of the legs, and they are the spider’s feelers. Parts of the pedipalps are used during mating, and parts are also used to help them eat.

A spider’s mouthparts are known as chelicerae. These body parts are not particularly powerful because spiders don’t normally chew their food. Instead, there are ducts in their chelicerae that enable them to secrete digestive fluids into their prey. These fluids will dissolve the internal tissues of the prey so that the spider can suck out the insides for food.

One of the most unique things about spiders is their ability to produce silk. This is done through specialized organs called spinnerets. The abdomen may have from one to four pairs (usually three) of spinnerets attached. These spinnerets are usually located toward the posterior end of the spider. Each species of spider produces silk with unique properties and strengths that are best suited for their habitats. Spider silk is one of the strongest materials on earth. Weight for weight, spider silk is actually stronger than steel!


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