Termite Control Techniques and Tips

There is no time like the present to begin your campaign against the destruction caused by termites. Termite colonies begin expansion and the establishment of new colonies during the spring and summer. It only takes a couple of months for these voracious consumers to eat through equity and termites cost the property industry more than $5 Billion each year in the US alone, let alone Australia.

You can shore up your defenses and protect your property from damage with the following 5 important tips from termite experts.

Eliminate Moisture

The most destructive termites are subterranean termites and they need a good source of water to support their colonies and expansion. Once they have located a spot with plenty of water and an ample supply of food, the invasion is all set. Be sure to keep a close eye on the moisture levels of your property and deny any water supply to the invading termites.

Protect Firewood and Keep It A Safe Distance From the Home

Termites begin at the ground level and construct a series of tunnels that will provide access to food sources. Fire wood provides ample food for an entire colony and the termites will build tunnels to connect to their colony to your stock of fuel. According to this Dubbo pest control business in NSW, these very same termites will not distinguish between firewood and your home’s building materials. Soon the foundations and building materials will be threatened.

A couple termites brought inside from the outside might not be such a bad thing as the worker termites can’t start their own colony. But, if your firewood is stacked against your building there will be nothing stopping the colony from expanding beyond the firewood and feasting on your home.

The best idea is to keep your firewood off the ground by stacking it on a pallet and keeping it away from the home itself.

Carefully Apply Your Mulch

There is a good reason to apply mulch to your garden, but there are some dangers as well. For example, if you were to dig a little deeper into your carefully applied mulch you may find there are many insects living in the mulch and taking advantage of the moisture and food provided. If the mulch is especially thick, it can hold a large amount of animal life. Here in Louisiana, the termites need a lot of moisture to survive and mulch is perfect for their colony and expansion.

This means that if you have packed mulch copiously into the garden and yard around your home, your chances of termite invasion increase as well. When doing this, it is a good idea to provide as much space as you can between the mulch and the home itself. The greater the distance the harder it will be for termites to reach your home and damage equity.

Trim Foliage and Trees Found on Your Property

Most termites prefer to feed on dead wood, but there are some exceptions. The Formosan termite for example, has been found abundantly in Louisiana and the USDA estimates that 30% of all live oaks in the region are infested with Formosan termites. But, they have also been found to grow in abundance in cypress, ash and other types of trees. A good way to prevent infestations from spreading will be to keep your trees and their branches cut back. This will prevent the voracious feeders from entering your home.

Regular Termite Inspections and Treatments

All these methods will help keep termites away from your home, but often it is not enough. If you believe your property is especially popular with termites you will need professional solutions to save your equity. Call in the professionals with experience and the right tools for dealing with the task in your local area.

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