Should I Be Worried That My Neighbor Has Termites? 

If you drive home from work one day and find your neighbor’s house tented for termites, you might immediately start to panic. If they have termites, then you must have termites, right? Before you start imagining worst-case scenarios, take a moment to breathe, and let Radar Pest Control answer some of your most important questions.


If my neighbor has termites, does that mean that I do too?

A neighbor having termites does not guarantee that you will too. It does, however, mean that there are termites close-by, and it should be a wake-up call if you do not currently have termite prevention measures in place. Termite colonies expand and start new colonies through swarming. These swarms do not fly very far, but if your house is next door, it would definitely be within reach. If your neighbors find that they have termites, you should definitely consider having an inspection done.

Should I have my house treated for termites just to be safe?

Termite control can be invasive and costly, so it should only be done after specific problems are identified by a reputable company. If you are concerned that you may have termites, the first step is to have a termite inspection performed. Professionals will be able to identify any potential problems and let you know if you currently have termites. If you do not have a current infestation, it is still wise to schedule regular yearly inspections. They may even need to be scheduled more often in high-risk areas. These inspections will help to ensure that any activity is detected before too much damage occurs. It is also important to be able to identify the signs of termites so that you can catch an infestation quickly.

Will the neighbor’s termite treatment cause the termites to come to my house?

Reputable companies will know how to control termites without driving them to other areas. This usually involves the use of a non-repellent termiticide. This type of product goes unnoticed by the termites, and they will pick it up and carry it back to the colony to share with the other members. Because of their social behaviors, the termiticide will quickly be spread throughout the nest, eventually killing the queen and all the members. 

Where can I find Sunshine Coast termite control?

The Sunshine Coast is a high-risk area for termites because of our warm, humid climate. Nearly ⅓ of all homes will be impacted by termites at some point. To protect your home from termites, regular pest control inspections and treatments are advised. The experts at Radar Pest Control are ready to help with all of your pest control issues. From termites and rodents to ants and roaches, we can help get rid of all the pests that are bugging you. For Buderim pest control, Nambour pest control, and everywhere in between, you won’t find better than Radar Pest Control. 

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