Sealing Your Home to Prevent Pests

The Sunshine Coast has a lot of pests, from spiders and ants to roaches and termites. Unfortunately, they all seem to be trying to get into your house. One of the most effective approaches to pest control is to seal the exterior of your home. By sealing up all the cracks and gaps, the pests will no longer be able to enter. Combine these steps with regular pest control treatments, and you are well on your way to pest-free living. Below are some areas around the house that should be addressed in order to keep all those unwanted pests in the great outdoors and not in your home.

Cracks and Gaps

Start by walking around your home looking for any crack or crevice that may allow for bugs or rodents to enter. Mice can squeeze through holes no bigger than a nickel, so bugs will fit through cracks much, much smaller. This means that even the smallest cracks should be repaired. Use waterproof silicone caulk and apply a thin bead in the crack. If you need to paint the caulk to match the exterior, you can use latex caulk, but it will be more susceptible to cracking in the future.

Larger gaps and holes should be stuffed with coarse steel wool and then filled with expandable spray foam. The steel wool prevents rodents from being able to chew through it, and once dry the spray foam can be sanded down and painted. You should pay special attention to areas where pipes, cables, or wires enter the home.


Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are difficult areas to seal. Check the windows to ensure that screens are present and in good shape. If there are holes or tears in the screens, they can easily be repaired or replaced. Next, check to ensure a tight fit around the windows and doors. Weatherstripping can be used to tighten up these seals. You can also attach bristle strips to the bottom of the doors. These strips not only prevent drafts and air leakage, but also protect against pests.

Other Openings

Some openings in homes are necessary for proper ventilation. Vents, air bricks, soffits (eaves), and chimneys are some of these necessary holes. To seal these areas, fine galvanised wire mesh can be used to cover them.

Regular Pest Control Treatments

Once your home has been properly sealed, you should experience less problems with household pests. To help further eliminate pests for good, it important to maintain your regular pest control schedule. Radar Pest Control will create a customized plan to keep your home and family safe and pest-free. We use environmentally friendly treatments that are both safe and effective. We want to help make your life easier, your home safer, and your business more productive. For Sunshine Coast pest control, contact Radar Pest Control today.

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