Professional Mouse Trapping Tips

When you first see evidence of mice in your house, the first thing that most people turn to are mouse traps. After several days of catching nothing, you may get frustrated and want to give up. The answer to your trapping woes could be that you need to make a few simple changes to your technique. With these trapping tips from the pros, those mice won’t stand a chance.



Use the Right Bait

Long gone are the days when cheese was the bait of choice. Science has proven that mice are not attracted to cheese, and in some cases strong cheeses actually repel them. So, don’t even think about putting cheese on that trap! Instead, use things that mice are attracted to like bread, crackers, seeds, nuts, sweets, and fruit. One of the best mouse enticements is a little bit of bread with peanut butter or hazelnut spread. When you bait a trap, it is important to use just a small pea-sized amount of bait, and it is essential to keep your own scent off of it by using gloves.

Set Mouse Traps in the Right Place

Mice are creatures of habit and will often run back and forth along the same routes. Mice have an innate fear of open spaces, so these routes are generally along the perimeter of the room, close to walls, and in concealed or dark areas. Set traps along walls where you have seen mice or evidence of mouse activity. Place the traps perpendicular to the wall so that the bait and trigger end are facing the wall. Placing a few traps in dark, hidden areas like under appliances or in the back of cupboards can also yield good results.

Set the Right Number of Mouse Traps

Many people set one or two traps and think that their job is done. Unfortunately, if you have seen one mouse in your house, chances are good that there are more where that one came from. Mice reproduce extremely quickly, so their numbers can skyrocket in a short time. Even if you do have a solitary mouse, you still want to catch it as quickly as possible. That means that the more traps that you set in smart locations, the better your chances will be. Mouse traps can be placed every 2-3 feet in areas where you have seen activity. Sometimes it is even helpful to place two traps within one foot of each other.

Now that you know how to trap mice like a professional, take the next step and learn how to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Sealing the exterior of your home, removing outdoor harborages, and placing baits are some great rodent exclusion methods. If you need help with rodents around your home or property, Radar Pest Control is your source for safe, effective pest control. For pest control in Nambour or pest control in Buderim, contact Radar Pest Control today.

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