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Mice and rats can squeeze through almost any crack. Call us today to make sure rodents are never a problem for you. 

Rats can be a serious problem. They can increase the risk of fires by damaging wiring, and pose a threat to our health with the transmission of various diseases and parasites. They build nests in hidden and warm areas and reproduce rapidly. Rats may become more problematic in winter as they search for a warm place to live in.

Mice are rodents that are considered harmful pests. Mice, just like rats, are able to chew through wires, get into food areas and pose safety and health risks with the spread of diseases.

If you suspect you have rodents we recommend contacting a licensed pest control professional to eliminate them from your property. We also recommend keeping food stored in containers, cleaning up the kitchen area after eating, regularly emptying your rubbish bins, sealing any unintentional gaps around the home, and keeping trees trimmed away from the building.

How do we treat Rodent Control Sunshine Coast work?

A technician from Radar Pest Control will inspect your property and assess the method of treatment best suited to your problem. We have several treatments that will work depending on the rodent problem and your preferences. When considering treatments we make sure we put your family first. [ You will not need to do anything in preparation of us coming as the treatments are non-invasive.]

It is hard to completely stop pests from coming into your property so keep up your annual pest control. Contact Radar Pest Control Now

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