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Ants come out of nowhere and then set up shop in your home. It’s time to take back your home! 

Ants can be such a nuisance when they get into your home or office as they can be unsightly and can build nests in walls and foundations, indoor potted plants, and small spaces between fittings and walls. They can also bite (or sting?)… ouch!

There are approximately 13,000 known ant species in Australia with only a few generally regarded as pests.  Have you got green ants, brown ants, black ants, or a different type of ant that is bothering you? Do you find ants come out just before it rains? Or maybe you have small dirt mounds in your yard that never disappear no matter how many times you stomp on them?

Ants commonly feed on one or a combination of sugar, protein or fat and oil, so your home or business are very attractive as food sources for colonies. To help with ants we recommend keeping your property generally clean, paying special attention to food preparation areas, store any food in air tight containers, and keeping your annual pest control up to date for preventing ants entering.

Please be aware that ants and termites are often confused as they look much alike, however termites are closer related to the cockroach than ants.  Refer to our information on termite control for more details.

How does our Ant Control Sunshine Coast work?

A technician from Radar Pest Control will inspect your property and assess the method of treatment best suited to your problem. We have several treatments that will work depending on the ant type you have. The treatments used are odourless, do not stain and are safe for family and pets. You will not need to do anything in preparation of us coming as the treatments are non-invasive.

Lastly, it is hard to completely stop ants from coming into your property so keep up your annual pest control. Contact Radar Pest Control Now

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