Pest Control Services

Professional Pest Control Company On The Sunshine Coast

RadarPestControl is committed to delivering quality and safe pest control solutions, for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane.  Our treatments are safe for your family and pets, do not stain and are odourless.  We also provide a 12 month warranty on most of our pest control treatments for your peace of mind.


Ant Control Services

We have several treatments that will work depending on the ant type you have. The treatments used are odourless, do not stain and are safe for family and pets.


Spider Control Services

Our technician will inspect your property and assess the method of treatment best suited to your problem.


Rodent Control Services

Mice and rats can squeeze through almost any crack. Call us today to make sure rodents are never a problem for you.


Wasp Control

A technician from Radar Pest Control will inspect your property and assess the best method of treatment best suited to your wasp problem.


Cockroach Control

Have you seen cockroaches roaming around your home? If so, it’s time to get professional pest control.


Silverfish Control Services

Silverfish are pests that often get “under the Radar”, but believe us, they can cause some serious damage.

Radar’s pest management solutions are customised for your individual property to achieve the best results.  We have the training, experience and equipment to locate and destroy pests … then you no longer have to put up with them.

Most properties will require annual pest control services and some need more frequent visits, due to health and safety or insurance requirements or more serious pest problems.  We provide an initial inspection and treatment and then set up an annual programme in order to prevent unwanted visitors.  This scheduled service is ideal for many homeowners and businesses alike.

Get rid of those pests now and contact Radar Pest Control here or call 0401 166 155.

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