Is the Sunshine Coast in the Midst of a Cockroach Crisis?

Queensland has had a rough few months, but it looks as though this Summer might get even more difficult because of a potential cockroach crisis, as reported by 7 News. The cockroach population has been growing steadily and looks set to increase by a whopping 30%. What factors are creating this crisis, and what can be done to combat it?

While many people simply consider them a nuisance, there are actually many dangers associated with roaches. They are known to spread diseases, contaminate food, cause food poisoning, and trigger allergies and asthma. Uncontrolled infestations within a home can quickly get out of control. Businesses are not immune to roach problems either and must also deal with the effects.

Queenslanders are not strangers to cockroaches, so why is this year any different? The higher than normal spring temperatures, followed by the humid conditions expected during the summer have made conditions ripe for the cockroach population to explode. Not only is the population larger, but you may notice more of them in your home. This is because roaches need moisture to survive and thrive. The recent drought and devastating bushfires have pushed cockroaches indoors where they can easily find food, water, and shelter.

Cockroaches are mainly attracted to homes that provide moist places to live. Excess moisture can come from leaky pipes and faucets, poor drainage, or other humidity problems within the home. Likewise, roaches are also attracted to food. Crumbs, rubbish bins, and clutter are problematic when it comes to roaches.

So, what can be done to prevent roaches? Using a combination of sanitation, exclusion, and chemical methods can help keep the roaches away. Try some of these tips and tricks:

  • Keep your home clean by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming regularly 
  • Wash dishes immediately after use
  • Take out the rubbish often and keep outdoor bins away from your home
  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets
  • Re-landscape problem areas in the yard
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts
  • Store food in sealed containers or the refrigerator
  • Don’t leave pet food and water out overnight
  • Seal cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home
  • Make sure that doors and windows close securely
  • Hire a pest control company to perform yearly inspections and treatments

Sunshine Coast Cockroach Control

The peak season for roaches is between September and June, so take the time now to get your pest control done. Radar Pest Control is your best source for professional, friendly, and fast pest control. We provide service all over the Sunshine Coast from Buderim to Nambour and the surrounding areas. For pest control Sunshine Coast, trust Radar Pest Control to get the job done right.

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