Increased Rat Activity Due to Covid-19

The worldwide pandemic has changed life as we know it. With businesses shut down, tourism almost completely halted, and an increase in emotional and financial stress, it seems hard to believe that still more problems can develop. Unfortunately, people all over the world have reported that rodent problems are also on the rise due to the novel coronavirus. Even though the virus has not been as widespread here in Australia, Sydney has made the news with its serious rat problem. Rats usually are nocturnal creatures, but more and more sightings are occurring in broad daylight. Even as the world begins to reopen, we may be dealing with this rodent increase for a long time.



So, why would a global pandemic cause an increase in rodent infestations? It may seem counterintuitive, but the less that people leave their homes, the more likely it is that rats will try to enter them. This is because rats, particularly in urban areas, have gotten used to living off the rubbish, leftover food, and general debris generated by humans. With restaurants closing, people staying out of parks, tourists (and their trash) nearly non-existent, and businesses locked, the rats are starting to get desperate for food. This makes them much more likely to make their way into our homes.

Empty buildings from business closures are also at risk for rat infestations. Without the constant hustle and bustle of humans, entry into buildings is much easier for rats. Once they are inside, they can live and breed unnoticed until the business reopens. This can be extremely detrimental for businesses. Not only can rats cause a number of diseases, but they can also damage wiring and equipment, contaminate food, and damage a businesses reputation.

Luckily, there are many things that can be done to protect businesses and homes from rodents during this difficult time. The risks from rodents and other pests are significant enough that professional pest control is labeled as an essential business. By continuing with your regular Radar Pest Control treatments or signing up for new ones, you will be able to keep rats and other pests from causing more stress in your life. Aside from professional pest control treatments, if you want to control rodents it is also important to: ensure that your outdoor rubbish bins have tight-fitting lids, seal the exterior of your home or business, add weatherstripping to doors, keep garage doors closed whenever possible, store firewood away from the home, and eliminate excess moisture from leaky pipes or faucets. 

Working together, we can get through this pandemic and the various problems associated with it. If you are in need of Sunshine Coast Pest Control, contact Radar Pest Control today.

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