How to Prevent Holiday Pests

While you are busy spreading holiday cheer and finishing preparations for parties and fun, you don’t want to be bothered with the frustration of household pests. Unfortunately, pests don’t take a vacation, and many of the things associated with the holidays can actually increase your risk for an infestation. Your friends at Radar Pest Control can help you understand the potential problems and prevent them before they start. Here are some tips for a pest-free holiday!



Carefully inspect your Christmas tree

A real Christmas tree can help make the holiday magical, but they can also be problematic when it comes to pests. Many different types of bugs and other animals live in the branches and wood of trees. It is always a good idea before bringing a tree (or any living plant) into your home, to carefully inspect it for unwelcome guests. You should also give it a vigorous shaking. 

Store Decorations Properly

Another way that pests often enter during the holidays is in boxes of decorations. Since these decorations are only brought out once a year and are often stored in dark, undisturbed areas, they make the perfect hiding spot for all types of critters including: roaches, spiders, rodents, and more. The most important thing to remember is that storage boxes should be made of hard plastic and come with lids that seal. Cardboard boxes and flimsy bags allow easy access for pests. When it is time to remove the boxes from storage, it is wise to open them outside and inspect them for any problems. Look for live or dead bugs, rodent droppings, chew marks, or other indications of pest activity. These things can then be handled outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about bringing them inside.

Be Mindful During Holiday Travel

The holidays are a huge travel time, so it is important to be careful not to pick up any unwanted hitchhikers, namely bed bugs. If you are staying at a hotel, you should always inspect the room first before settling in. It is also a good idea to keep luggage and clothes off the floor and bed, and instead place them on luggage stands or chairs. Once you get home from your holiday vacation, wash and dry all of your clothes as soon as possible to avoid introducing bed bugs into your home. 

Sunshine Coast Pest Control

The holidays are a busy, joyful time when you shouldn’t have to worry about pests. The best way to prevent problems is with regularly scheduled, professional pest control treatments. Our expert technicians will inspect and treat your home and property so that you don’t have to worry about pests at any time during the year. For Sunshine Coast pest control, you can trust Radar to get the job done right.

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