How Do Crickets Get into Houses? 

Crickets are widespread throughout Australia, including right here in Queensland. Damage to crops is obviously the most devastating problem caused by crickets, but residents can also face frustration when crickets find their way into homes. 



House crickets are frequent and unwelcome visitors. These pests grow from 2-4 cm long and create a high-pitched chirping noise as the males try to attract a female. The incessant chirping can be extremely aggravating, especially as it is usually at night. So how did these crickets find their way into your home, and what can you do about it?

Crickets are attracted by light, so you may be unintentionally inviting them to your home by leaving your porch lights on at night. They also tend to enter homes when they are in search of food or warmth. Most pests, including crickets, enter homes through doors, windows, or gaps in the exterior of the home. Sealing these areas will do a lot to prevent future problems.

Start your cricket prevention measures by taking a walk around the outside of your home. Identify all cracks, gaps, or holes around the foundation and outside walls. Pay special attention to places where pipes or wires enter the home, as these are often left unsealed. Using caulk or expandable spray foam, fill in the holes so that even small insects are prevented entry. Next, make sure that all vents, weep holes, and chimneys are covered with a fine mesh screen. Check that all windows have functional, intact screens and seal tightly. Lastly, add weatherstripping or door sweeps to all outside doors, including the garage to ensure that crickets can not enter that way.

Aside from sealing the exterior of your house, you can take other precautions like:

  • Turning off outdoor lights at night or replacing your bulbs with special bulbs that attract less insects
  • Removing clutter from your yard
  • Keeping shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation trimmed
  • Cleaning your home regularly and preventing crumbs
  • Hiring a pest control company to place baits and/or treat your home with an insecticidal barrier around the perimeter

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