How Do Ant Baits Work? 

You might be tempted to spray all the ants you see in your house with a contact insecticide, but chances are good that more ants will simply take the place of those that die, and you will be left in the same position. This endless cycle is enough to make you crazy, so it is beneficial to learn about baits and why they work better at truly getting rid of ants. 


Ant Social Behavior

There are four main groups of ants within a colony: the queen (or queens), workers, male reproductives, and the immature stages (egg, larva and pupa). The queen usually remains in the nest, with the job of producing hundreds of eggs daily. Immature ants require constant care and also remain in the nest. The only group that regularly ventures out are the female workers. It is their job to forage for food and bring it back to feed the rest of the colony. This is done through the process of trophallaxis (regurgitation). 

The Problem

Worker ants are excellent at finding food. They will venture into homes if there are any crumbs to be found. As they forage, they leave behind pheromone trails that help other ants follow them. If you kill these ants when you see them, more workers will follow the pheromone trails and take their place. This means that no matter how many of these worker ants that you kill, it will likely have little impact on the colony or your pest problem.

The Solution

Ant baits can help to stop an ant infestation in its tracks. Ant baits (or traps) use lures that attract ants. These lures may be proteins or carbs, depending on the target species. A substance that is poisonous to ants is also included in the bait. Worker ants gather the bait and take it back to the colony. The poison is slow-acting so that the workers have time to feed it to the queen, the immature ants, and the males. When the queen dies, the entire colony will soon collapse. By using baits, you can kill the ant colony from the inside out. 

Effective Ant Control

Ant baits typically work best as part of a comprehensive pest control effort that also includes sanitation and exclusion methods. Keeping your home clean, sealing the exterior to prevent entry, and having an insecticidal barrier sprayed around the perimeter or your home will be the most effective means for preventing ants. For the best Sunshine Coast pest control, contact Radar Pest Control. We serve the great people of Bli Bli, Buderim, Nambour, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to receive your free quote.

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