Fascinating Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are among the most adaptable creatures on Earth. They can live almost anywhere in the world, feed on a wide range of plant and animal materials, and have been said in popular culture to be able to survive a nuclear war. Perhaps this level of adaptability and survival instinct is the reason why they are so difficult to control as household pests. While most humans detest cockroaches, they are actually quite interesting creatures. Let’s take a look at five of the craziest, most fascinating facts about cockroaches.



1. Cockroaches Can Live Without Their Heads

Cockroaches do not breathe air like humans do. Instead they have spiracles on each of their body segments. When carbon dioxide levels rise inside their body, the spiracles open, carbon dioxide is let out, and oxygen is diffused straight into their tissue. Since the brain does not control breathing, and blood doesn’t carry oxygen, cockroaches can live a week without their heads. Even the decapitated head can live several hours by itself. That is the definition of creepy!

2. Cockroaches Exist in Almost Every Environment

There are approximately 4600 species of cockroaches that live all over the world, even in the harshest climates. Some species in the Arctic can survive extremely cold temperature (up to -188 degrees F) by manufacturing an antifreeze from glycol. The majority of cockroaches live in tropical environments that can be very hot and humid. Aside from varying temperatures, they also live in many habitats: rotting wood, leaves, water, forests, tundra, and even homes.

3. Cockroaches can Survive on Very Little Food

Cockroaches are cold-blooded, so they can subsist on little food. Some can go without food for up to a month. When they do eat, they are omnivorous and will eat whatever food is available. Fruit, leather, glue, starches, pantry crumbs, paper, dead insects, and many other things are food for cockroaches.

4. Cockroaches Make Noise

You many never have guessed, but many species of cockroaches make noise. Some chirp like a bird and others hiss. These noises are produced when air is pushed through their spiracles.

5. Cockroaches Can Survive Higher Radiation

The idea that cockroaches will be able to survive a nuclear war has been bandied about for many years. While this is probably not entirely true, they can withstand much higher doses of radiation than humans, anywhere from 6-15 times the amount that will kill a human. This is because a cockroach’s cells divide only when it molts. This is similar to other insects though, so it is not a completely unique observation.

Hopefully these facts show you the adaptability of cockroaches and give you some insight into why cockroaches are so difficult to control and eliminate. Homeowners can help their cause by keeping their homes clean, sealing up the exterior, eliminating sources of excess moisture, and hiring a professional pest control expert. Your friends at Radar Pest Control can help you with Sunshine Coast cockroach control. We have the knowledge and experience to identify problem areas and then take care of the pests for good. For more information or to start your treatment plan, contact us today.

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