Do Termites Make Noise?

Many nervous homeowners will do everything possible to ensure that their homes remain termite-free. They have yearly termite inspections, work with a Sunshine Coast termite specialist, and valiantly watch for signs of termites. After seemingly everything is taken care of, they might hear a faint rustling coming from the walls. Is it just paranoia or could it possibly be termites? Do termites make noise?


While the sounds that come from termites are very soft and faint, it is sometimes possible to hear termites, especially if the termites are close to the surface and the house is quiet. There are three main types of sounds to listen for when trying to determine if you have termites: head-banging, chewing, and wood damage.

  • Head-banging is the loudest sound that termites make and is their way of communicating information. Termites are both blind and deaf, so they communicate using vibrations. Soldier termites are responsible for protecting the colony, so if they are disturbed, they will begin to bang their heads and large mandibles against the walls of the tunnels. Head-banging may sound like soft clicking or tapping to the human ear.
  • Chewing sounds are very quiet and may sound like a continuous rustle or crunching noise. Termites never sleep, so they work 24/7 to find food and build tunnels. These chewing noises can most often be heard with large infestations that have moved close to the surface of walls. 
  • Wood damage from termites can take several different forms. As the termites eat and tunnel through the wood, it becomes weaker. This may result in loud, creaky floor boards. Termite damage can also make the wood sound hollow when tapped. Instead of the dull thud that is common with undamaged wood, hollow sounds indicate that there is a problem.

As mentioned above, these termite sounds are very faint and may not be audible in all instances. If you are worried about the possibility of termites, a much better way to proceed is to have a trained termite specialist inspect your property and make recommendations. Radar Pest Control is your trusted Sunshine Coast pest control company. We take pride in doing the job quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information.

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