Common Sunshine Coast Cockroaches

There are many different species of cockroaches in Australia, but three species have become particularly troublesome as household pests along the Sunshine Coast and throughout the country. The American, Australian, and German cockroaches are all very common and difficult to control. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences in theses three species.

American Cockroaches



Despite the name, it is believed that the American cockroach actually originated in Africa. It is the largest of the species that are common household pests. They average about 4 cm in length, but can get significantly larger than that. They are typically reddish-brown in color with a yellow figure eight pattern on their pronotum (shield-like body part behind the head). American cockroaches have wings, but they are poor fliers.

American cockroaches are very common in sewers and drains. They are a particularly filthy species of cockroach and will enter homes in search of food and water or during times of extreme weather conditions. When indoors, they most often live in garages, basements, kitchens, and laundry rooms where there is plenty of moisture. The American cockroach will eat nearly anything, but they are attracted to decaying and fermented things. They also like to eat fungi, algae, household crumbs, and other items.

Australian Cockroaches

The Australian cockroach is very similar to the American cockroach and is often misidentified. They are also reddish-brown with a yellow and dark brown pronotum. While the American cockroach has purely brown wings, the wings of the Australian cockroach have yellow stripes along the outer edges of the front wings. American cockroaches are also smaller than their cousins and rarely grow to be longer than 4 cm long.

Australian cockroaches will subsist off of plant material and decay, but they also like starches and have been known to eat book bindings and even clothing. Australian cockroaches like very warm weather with high humidity. They are good fliers.

German Cockroaches



The cockroach species that is the most common household pest is the German cockroach. These roaches are significantly smaller (10 mm average) than the other two we have discussed, but they are also much more widespread. They are now found on every continent except Antarctica. German cockroaches are light brown with two darker stripes that run lengthwise along the pronotum. They do not fly well, but may glide when needed. Although they are nocturnal like other cockroaches, they will occasionally come out during the day. This could indicate a particularly large infestation. German cockroaches are common in homes, but they are also extremely troublesome in restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and other businesses.

No matter what kind of cockroaches are in your home, chances are good that you want to get rid of them for good. Cockroaches are filthy creatures that spread disease and can be responsible for allergies and asthma. Take control of the problem by calling Radar Pest Control today. We are your Sunshine Coast Cockroach Control experts.

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