Cockroaches and Asthma

Cockroaches are unwelcome guests no matter who you ask. It has long been known that cockroaches carry and spread diseases like salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Now new evidence is coming to light that cockroaches are also responsible for allergies and even asthma in some individuals. These recent findings are just another reason to do everything possible to keep cockroaches from entering your home.

Asthma Research

In a study published in the New York Times, Daniel G. Remick said, “For inner-city children, the major cause of asthma is not dust mites, not dog dander, not outdoor air pollen. It’s allergies to cockroaches.” According to the study, cockroaches molt often, which means they leave bits of their exoskeletons everywhere they go. These pieces, along with their saliva and droppings, contain a protein that can trigger allergies and asthma in people with allergic tendencies. Symptoms of a cockroach allergy may include coughing, congestion, rash, ear infections, and sinus infections. With enough exposure to these cockroach allergens, asthma can sometimes develop.

Combatting Cockroaches

To keep families safe and healthy, it is important to control the cockroach population. Unfortunately, cockroaches are one of the most common pests that we find in homes and offices. There are four main species of roaches that we deal with: Australian, American, German, and Oriental cockroaches. These roaches love warm, humid conditions, so this year is shaping up to be ideal for rampant cockroach populations. So, what can be done to combat them?

  • Keep your home clean and tidy

  • Wipe counters and sweep floors

  • Wash dirty dishes immediately after using them

  • Cover and put away leftover food

  • Fix leaks around the home

  • Take out the garbage frequently

  • Hire a pest control company to perform regular treatments


At Radar Pest Control, we know how to take care of current cockroach problems and can provide ongoing treatments to keep them from coming back. Our treatments are odourless, will not stain, and are safe for your family and pets. A Radar technician will inspect your home and come up with a customized plan that will meet your needs. We look forward to earning your business and your trust.

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