Cockroach Hot Spots

If you have stumbled upon a few cockroaches in your home, you might have convinced yourself that you don’t really have a problem. After all, you only see them on occasion, right? The truth is that cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that have excellent hiding places. If you are seeing cockroaches during the day, that could indicate that you actually have a large infestation, and the roaches are being forced to compete for limited resources. It is best to assume that where there is one cockroach, there is likely to be many more.

To understand the true extent of your cockroach problem, you need to search for potential hiding places. Cockroaches love dark, warm, moist environments where they have easy access to food. Cockroach control should focus on these areas. Below are some common cockroach hiding places and how you can make them less appealing for roaches.

Kitchen Appliances

Nowhere fits the ideal roach hiding place better than the kitchen. With water and food crumbs plentiful, and warmth from the running appliances, this is definitely a favorite hideout. Check under, behind, and on top of appliances, including the fridge, range, and dishwasher. Roaches may be living in cracks and crevices near the appliances, or they may be living up inside the appliances themselves. Keep roaches away by wiping counters regularly, mopping often, keeping dishes out of the sink as much as possible, and cleaning under those appliances more than once a year!

Cabinets and Pantries

Also located in the kitchen, another hot spot for roaches are cabinets and pantries. For the roaches, there is “so much food and so little time!” Food crumbs will collect in these areas, despite your best efforts, so it is important to regularly clean them out and wipe them down. A vacuum hose is a great way to get inside drawers and cabinets. It is also crucial to store food properly in sealed glass or heavy plastic containers that roaches and other pantry pests can’t get into.


When it comes to moist environments, areas with lots of pipes are also common roach hiding spots. This may include bathrooms, under sinks, and in basements. To prevent roaches in these areas, frequently check for leaks and fix them immediately. Sealing the exterior of the home where plumbing enters is also important. There are often gaps and holes left during construction where critters can easily enter the home.

Storage Areas

Nearly every family has a dumping ground for unused items somewhere in their home. These “storage” areas could be in garages, attics, unused bedrooms, or even all of the above. Cardboard boxes, stacks of paper, and other debris are the perfect place for roaches to hangout and lay eggs. In fact, all those cardboard boxes that you are saving, may be how the roaches came into your home in the first place. As hard as it is, keep storage areas as organized as possible, and clean them out occasionally. Plastic bins also make better storage containers than cardboard when it comes to preventing household pest damage.

Sunshine Coast Cockroach Control

Although these are some very common hotspots to find roaches, they may also be hiding in your electronics, inside furniture, behind baseboards, inside picture frames, in laundry rooms, and inside wall voids. If you need help getting rid of cockroaches, contact the professionals at Radar Pest Control. Our expert technicians can help you identify the species, find the hiding places, and design a plan to get rid of them for good. For pest control in Nambour and pest control in Buderim, Radar Pest Control is your best bet!

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