All Hail The Termite Queen

Like any queen, the termite queen commands a lot of respect from her loyal subjects. She is the most important part of a colony, and if you hope to be able to control a termite infestation in your home, she is the key to eliminating the problem. The termite queen is a remarkable insect, and a little knowledge about her behavior will go a long way toward helping you get rid of termites once and for all. Here are some answers to questions you might have about the termite queen.

What does a termite queen look like?

Termite queens are typically a yellowish-brown in color, but can also be dark brown or black in some species. The termite queen is the largest termite in a colony. The species with the largest termite queens occur in Africa and Southeast Asia where they can grow to be 4 inches long. When a termite queen is at peak egg production, it can produce up to 40,000 eggs per day in some species. To contain all of these eggs, the abdomen swells to many times the normal size. This makes the queen unable to move much and almost entirely reliant on the workers for all of her needs.



How does a termite become a queen?

Usually once or twice per year, the queen of a colony will begin producing winged reproductive males and females called alates. During the nuptial flight, these termites will swarm as they go out into the world to find a mate and a new nest. The reproductives will locate a good nest site, excavate the area, mate, and then the female will start laying eggs. These eggs will become the workers that will take care of the needs of the colony. The primary function of this young termite queen will then be to produce eggs for the colony. She will be able to control the size and makeup of the colony for years to come. Some species of termites have secondary or tertiary queens to help grow and expand the colony.

How long do termite queens live?

Termite queens are the longest living insects on earth. It is estimated that queens can live for 25-50 years. In that time, she will produce millions of eggs and could be the start of hundreds of new colonies.

How do termite queens impact termite control?

In order to eliminate a termite colony, you must kill the queen or queens. Without this all important step, the queen will continue to pump out eggs and replenish the workers. It is very difficult to find the queen, so effective termite control utilizes the behavior of termites to meet its goals. Termite workers are responsible for gathering food for the colony. They will forage for food, consume it, and then bring it back to share with the colony and the queen. Baits are slow acting, allowing the termites to spread the bait throughout the colony, killing the workers and the queen.

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