4 Winter Pests You Should Prepare For

As the temperatures start to cool down a bit, you may start to feel some relief from the constant mosquitos and flies that plague our hot, humid summers. While some pests are decreasing in numbers right now, you should be aware that there are some pests that are trying harder than ever to find a way into your home. Here are four pests that are active during the winter months and a few simple ways you can prevent them.



Rodents want a nice comfortable place to live, just like you. When the weather starts to get a little chilly, mice and rats will seek out convenient food sources and warmer areas to live. Unfortunately, homes provide all this and more. Sanitation is key in rodent control. Keep your home as clean as possible by vacuuming regularly and cleaning up after meals. You should also empty the rubbish bins frequently and store food properly. On the outside of your home, make sure that weep holes are covered and windows and doors fit snugly and have weather stripping around them.



In the winter time, you might not see termites like you do in the spring when they swarm. If they are already in your house, however, you should know that they are NOT sleeping or hibernating. They continue to chew away at your home all year round. If you see signs of termites like mud tubes, creaky floors, piles of frass, or hollow sonding wood, you should immediately contact a professional to make sure that you get the help you need.


Cockroaches are active year round as well, but they tend to migrate indoors more often when the weather is cooler. German cockroaches are especially common in homes in the winter. They like to live in dark, moist, areas where food is available. This means that you should pay particular attention to bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Since cockroaches can contaminate food and spread harmful diseases, it is best to keep them out of your home. You can do this by keeping your home clean, sealing your home’s exterior, and eliminating excess moisture.


Spiders also prefer the warmth of homes during this time of year. They like dark corners where they can live undisturbed. As there are many dangerous spiders along the Sunshine Coast, it is best to prevent as many as possible. Tips to prevent spiders include: decluttering your home, vacuuming and de-webbing regularly, and sealing the exterior.



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